About Our Business

We have conducted Monster Arm Wrestling tournaments in the state of Iowa
for the past 40 years.  We have held tournaments at the Iowa State Fair,
several county fairs, motorcycle rallies, celebrations, bowling alleys, taverns
and even after prom parties.

Fun is had by the wrestlers and crowd alike.

A tournament  has a one hour sign-up period and the actual wrestling  lasts
about three to four hours.

Entry fee $10 for all tournaments but the Iowa State Fair is
  Weight Classes Both Men & Women

Men's Right  Hand                                Men's Left
Bantam              130 & under                  
Fly                       131-150                           Fly              150 & under
Light                   151-175                           Light           151-175
Muddle               176-200                          Middle        176-200
Heavy                 201-235                           Heavy        200 & over
Super heavy       236 & over                     

Women' s Right Handed                       Women's Left Handed
Bantam               130 & under
Fly                        131 -150                        Fly                 150 & under
Light                    151-175                        Light              151 & over
Middle                 176 & over

                    5 lb. scale allowance

                  DOUBLE ELIMINATION
t-shirts come in sizes from kids 2 to adults xlarge  $10 2x & 3x $12
We have 4 designs and several colors         Shipping extra
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